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Hi, I’m Shannon!

I meet with clients using authentic, down-to-earth, compassionate, and client-centred approach. I believe that the relationship between a counsellor and a client is deeply personal and that finding the ‘right-fit’ is of great importance to successful therapy. My education, experience, and personal life challenges have equipped me to walk along on this journey with you.

I have worked with teens and young adults in residential, academic and private settings.  These stages of life involve so many unique struggles and challenges, which can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. With so many new temptations and choices, young people can benefit from having a safe, compassionate space to sort through feelings, values, and goals.

I am passionate about working with family and parent relationships, as well as with couples. Family therapy assesses and treats the needs of the family system as a whole. It can help families to strengthen communication, redefine roles, and restore healthy boundaries in order to improve both individual and family functioning. Parents give so much to their children, that they often need a space of their own. As such, I provide counselling to parents, using a combination of support and skill-building practices.

Finally, I have extensive experience in providing support to individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities. I realize and acknowledge the unique needs of each of these individuals and enjoy collaborating with them to work towards their personal goals, whatever they may be, in an empathetic, accepting, and genuine environment.

Above all else, I believe that everyone is deserving of the life they want to live, and I want to help you achieve that life.

Contact me now to receive a free 20-minute consultation to discuss how I can be of help to you or an individual in your life.

I can be reached by phone at 226-230-3433 or by email at Shannon@talkandplay.ca.





275 10th Street
Hanover, ON N4N1P1

(226) 230-3433

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